Job Title: Mac pre press and production

Job Ref: Candidate CW001060810-0-0-1

Location: London

Duration: Temp- 2 year working visa



Job Title: Mac⁄ PC Operator, Graphic Designer, Artworker and DTP Operator

Candidate profile: CW001 is a easy-going, hard working, honest and reliable graphic designer with over eight years experience in the printing industry, has professional on-the job training in all aspects of graphic artwork related to design, pre-press and print production and also have general office and bindery training.

Skills: Client liason - take in orders via phone, email or in person. Determine clients’
particular needs and requests for artwork.
- Organise artwork and printing quotes including external quoting ie. diecutting,
laminating, foiling etc.
- Research artwork for a new job - using books, internet sites, previous jobs,
competition etc
- Design artwork using various programs and email, fax or prepare colour
proofs. Liase with clients re: changes and alterations to art via phone, email
and in person.
- Prepare approved artwork for output to image setter - export artwork as
press ready pdf, position in standard templates and check colour bars and
registration marks are correct for the job. Print to image setter rip, roam jobs
and send to plate maker.
- Organise press checks. Contact client re: delivery⁄pickup.
- Troubleshooting - eg. figuring out why a pdf won’t separate correctly, and
making the alterations needed.
- Plate machine operations -reload plates, bag up plates with job information
to give to printers, troubleshoot problems. Can also prepare negatives and
bromides manually.
- Billing out & filing completed jobs, overseeing EFTpos, debit and credit card
payments both in person and online
- Trained two people on work experience in the field of graphic design.

Type of Work: Commercial Design for Print, Forms, Books and Corporate Publications, news paper ads and stationary.

Brief history: Has worked in a print company since 2002 as there graphic designer & Pre Press Production operator but has lots more skills as per skill set above.

Location: London

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